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10 Things I Tell Musicians/Bands


Hi all! I know it’s been a while since I blogged anything. Just been busy working with my band, Dead Love Club. It’s been a pretty fun run so far and we’re ramping up. We’re the featured band in the February issue of Rockstar Magazine here in Austin and have released an EP free for download on our website. I’m so thankful!

In my time of working in entertainment and getting to know other musicians here in town, I’ve noticed that many of us have the same issue. How do we get seen? How do we get more shows on our calendar? It’s a tough industry to work in that requires work, ┬áperseverance and sacrifice. Of course, we would all love to be discovered and swooped up by someone powerful and made into a star…it can happen, nothing is impossible, but you can do something to gain traction while you’re waiting for that breakthrough.


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