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You’re the only you.


Hi all! Hope everyone has been doing well…SXSW is over and Spring is around the corner! Life is great, isn’t it?

I’ve been inspired to write this entry because of personal struggles I’ve had in my life and struggles I hear others having with being “ok” with who you are and your place in life. I’ve had struggles being a woman, an artist and a musician.

First of all, I have to say, being a woman in this world is tough because there’s so much that is expected of us in the way we look, dress, carry ourselves, etc. It’s that -ER factor….that someone is prettiER, smartER, thinnER, richER….it goes on. It can make us crazy and insecure…it leaves us vulnerable and prey to those with bad intentions.

The next facet of my personal struggle is being a musician. There have been so many times I have watched my heroes on stage and have thought that I would never be good enough. And if you’re a singer or musician, how many times have you been sent a video of a 5 year old busting out a perfect rendition of a¬†Mariah Carey song or a 7 year old girl playing¬†Eruption note for note? It can be pretty discouraging. I have to say that when I see someone just BLAZE on the drums, I just think…”ok, I’m going to pick up my drums, walk to the edge of the earth and hurl them into the sea. Then, I’m going to curl up in a ball and turn to dust”. (more…)

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