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Manifesting Your Destiny


I’m a big believer that nothing is impossible. It took me a while to learn that my thoughts and words helped manifest my path in life…good and bad. It makes me a lot more careful about what I say. I think anyone can accomplish great things in life if you speak positively and affirm your own greatness and ability to achieve things you never thought possible.

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Leader vs. Follower


This is a thought I had on being a leader vs. being a follower. It’s something I’ve had to deal with in life. This applies in every area, work or personal. I think everyone deserves to pursue what they’re passionate about without anything in the way. I believe nothing is impossible when you use your own talents and abilities to take charge of your life. I hope these words inspire you to claim your life back from anyone/anything that is leading you in the wrong direction and holding you back.

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Careless Memories


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