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Don’t Get Run Over


mehHI all! It’s been a while since I’ve written anything because it’s been pretty busy over here with my band, Dead Love Club. We’ve been playing a lot and expanding our shows to Houston. It’s been an absolute blast and we’ve met some amazing people along the way. Our band is just getting better and our live experience is becoming quite the spectacle. I couldn’t ask for a more perfect path to be on.

In my life, I’ve encountered many times where I ended up at a fork in the road…not knowing which path to take. Sometimes, I let fear take over and I would stand there, paralyzed, scared that I would make the wrong decision. Those times of indecision lasted anywhere from a few minutes, hours, days to years. Yes, YEARS. I think you all know what I’m talking about…

The truth of the matter is, if you stand there pondering each path, you’re essentially putting your life on pause. That causes you to miss amazing opportunities that were waiting for you. All of those things end up passing you by because life is always moving forward. If you’re standing there contemplating a decision, you’ll get left behind. It’s something we all regret…not making a move and taking an opportunity that, at some times, comes once in a lifetime.

And really, how do you know a decision is “the wrong one” or “the right one”? The important part is that you make a decision. Choose to move forward, instead of standing in the same place….never knowing what could be. The way I look at it is the right decision is the one you make…it may not always go as you planned, but it was the right one at that particular moment. No matter what you do, the “right” path will always reveal itself and learning is a result of searching for that “right” path.

There’s a story about a successful banker who was being interviewed about his path. It went something like this:


Q: “Sir, What is the secret of your success?”

A: “Two words.”

Q: “And, sir, what are they?”

A: “Good decisions.”

Q: “And how do you make good decisions?”

A: “One word.”

Q: “And sir, what is that?”

A: “Experience.”

Q: “And how do you get Experience?”

A: “Two words.”

Q: “And, sir, what are they?”

A: “Bad decisions.”

– Unknown author


I thought that was a perfect scenario for my point. There’s also a quote that really hits the nail on the head. It’s as follows:


“In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing, the next best thing is the wrong thing, and the worst thing you can do is nothing”

-Theodore Roosevelt


Fear is what causes us to stay in the middle of the road. It’s the safe way to go. To me, staying in the middle of the road just holds my life up. I’m ready to move forward and make things happen. It’s what brings me joy and makes me feel good about the results I get. My life is what it is because I choose not to stay in the middle of the road and I choose to make decisions and move forward with them. Now, I’m not always confident, but I take that risk because I know it’s better than doing nothing.

Also, people who stay in the middle of the road are going to get hit.

So….claim your life back from fear and don’t get run over….






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